SHISHA LOUNGE Nothing happier than having a well-spent day with Shisha during your stay with Pipe Dream. A various Shisha flavor sensation treats your tropical afternoon or lively night into calm and excitement at the same time. Make a wonderful togetherness with your friend or family at our lounge. A warm and comfy space is provided to support your relaxing and chit-chat time, whilst Shisha become a good companion of your villa life. SPORTBAR Enjoy some beer or cocktail, while your favorite sport event screened on big TVs. Our Sport Bar will serve your favorite beverage. Various cocktail, beer, wine and more fresh drink option. You will not miss your favorite team plays on their biggest sport event. Invite your friend, partner or family to join in the cheers upon the sport event plays. Good sport and good relax time deserves our bar’s pleasant drink. CLUBHOUSE Pipe Dream features a well-equipped villa facility to accommodate your need and fulfill more enjoyment. From in-door multimedia entertainment to outdoor relaxing garden space, the whole facility is hard to resist. A fantastic pool area becomes the center of villa outdoor activity. In addition to extensive pool, the poolside area also provides sunbeds to realize your sunbathing day sensation. Set you’re a fun activity at garden; swim, get a tan, make a chit-chat, read your favorite books, play with family or friends, and many more.